Disney Postpones Live-Action Mulan Release Worldwide Amidst COVID-19 Threat

Walt Disney Studios has just officially announced that it is no longer pushing through with the original screening dates (March 26 globally and March 27 in North America and Europe) of live-action Mulan due to the rising COVID-19 threats worldwide.

Although the movie’s Los Angeles (March 9) and London (March 12) premiere were held as scheduled, London’s red carpet and media line-up were abruptly cancelled hours before the event. Appearing in a black-floral gown, Crystal Liu Yifei who plays Mulan, along with her co-stars, held a photo-call indoors as the organizers took precautions to ensure everyone’s safety from the virus. The decision to delay worldwide release dates was subsequently announced after the London premiere. 
As fans around the world are disheartened with the news, director Niki Caro sympathizes with them, sharing a statement on Instagram with well wishes to all those affected by the outbreak:
Dear Mulan Fans,
Making this film has been one of the most satisfying and exhilarating experiences of my entire career, and I’ve been so fortunate to be on this journey with some of the best cast and crew in the business – people who truly embody the attributes of Loyal, Brave, and True. We are so excited to share this film with the world, but given the current ever-shifting circumstances we are all experiencing, unfortunately, we have to postpone the worldwide release of MULAN for now. Our hearts are with everyone the world over who is affected by this virus, and we hope that Mulan’s fighting spirit will continue to inspire those who are working so hard to keep us all safe. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and support, and I can’t wait for the day where we will all get to experience this tale of a girl warrior who became a legend together #mulan #yifei_cc #loyalbravetrue
With love,
Niki Caro
While it’s unfortunate that the highly-anticipated movie had to be postponed, it honestly feels like a sound decision instead of fighting to make a worldwide premiere happen despite countries like China, Japan, and South Korea already delaying the premiere of the movie amidst COVID-19 which has been raised to a pandemic by the World Health Organization as of Wednesday (Mar 11). It looks like we will have to wait longer for live-action Mulan and hopefully, the whole world will be in a better place then. Take care everyone!
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