Did You Know that Wang Yibo, Yukee Chen and Riley Wang Filmed a Drama Together in 2017?

Long time c-drama fans are quite experienced with the art of waiting what with all these shows wrapping up filming years ago yet failing to secure an air date right away. Filmed back in 2017, Private Shushan College 私立蜀山学园 starring Wang Yibo, Yukee Chen Yuqi, and Riley Wang Yilun is one such drama. 

This is a bit different from your usual xianxia about good versus evil that take place in the ancient times since it’s set in modern times. It follows the life of Teng Jing (Wang Yibo), an orphan who grew up in Shu Shan (Shu Mountain). With his academic excellence, teachers and fellow classmates adore him but he starts to have some problems with the newly transferred Qiu Qi (Riley Wang) who also becomes his roommate. Meanwhile, Xing Hui (Yukee Chen) is the icy beauty descended from the Nüwa goddess. 
It’s also worth noting that this was three years ago, before Wang Yibo’s breakout role in The Untamed and back when he was better known for being a member of UNIQ. Times have indeed changed since then with the idol-actor raging in popularity and fans now digging for clues about when this drama will air. 
It was also before Chen Yuqi’s amazing performance in Ashes of Love which she’s followed up with more dramas along with the currently airing The Love Lasts Two Minds. The year 2017 was also the year Riley Wang left SpeXial and debuted as an actor.
In a way, the drama sure has struck gold with its casting. It should be only a matter of time until this airs and we hope it’s sooner rather than later. It also stars Pei Zitian, Chai Wei, Zhai Yishu supported by a veteran cast of Hong Kong actors that include Benny Chan, Joe Ma and Michael Miu
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