Chinese Actress Xu Jiao Stays Put in the US Where She’s Currently Studying and Shares Updates

Classes may be temporarily suspended in her school but CJ7 actress Xu Jiao has decided to stay put in the US for the meantime instead of returning home. The 22 year old shot to overnight fame playing Stephen Chow’s son, yes son (I could hardly believe it too until I saw the pictures), in 2008’s sci-fi comedy CJ7. Later on, the actress packed up her bags in 2013 and moved to the US for high school and has been pursuing further studies there ever since.

Now a student of the Art Centre College of Design in California, Xu Jiao continues to share snippets of her life in the US with her fans on social media despite being an ocean away. On a recent post, she shared the current situation greeting her at her local supermarkets. With much of the US on lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, the all important staple, rice, is unsurprisingly almost cleaned out and being rationed in limited quantities whilst the frozen meat section, although almost empty, is still a better sight than ours ?. 
Today, I popped over to two supermarkets to buy staple foods. The rice was being sold in limited quantities and the meat almost the same. Only the unpopular cuts of meat were left (I bought pork neck, beef louver, and lamb). I hope it lasts me for a half a month.”
From the contents of her fridge, she’s definitely got half the month covered.
Some of the scrumptious dishes she’s cooked up, looks yummy!
Concerned fans have been leaving her supportive messages asking her to take care and not to forget the important preventive measures. Some have also asked the actress to go back home when she has the chance. But Xu Jiao admits that she’s “afraid of getting infected along the way home … there are no direct flights, and it’s impossible not to drink or eat in the 20 to 30 hours it takes for her to get back home.” Most netizens though are in agreement to her decision to stay put in the US instead since the airport and the enclosed airplane have a greater risk to contract the virus.
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