Calvin Chen Opens Up About His 10-Year Relationship with Joanne Tseng and Says They Broke Up Once

On January 23rd, Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng took everyone by surprise with the news that they’ve gotten hitched especially when it wasn’t even public knowledge that they were dating. With Calvin and Jiro Wang’s recent guesting on the talk show Hua Hua Wan Wu 花花万物, it’s no wonder that Calvin was grilled by hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai who were also kept in the dark. 

Dee threw playful jabs at Calvin for lying whenever he came on her show in the past to which Jiro defended by saying that it’s not really a lie, they simply didn’t announce their relationship. Calvin shares that the reason wasn’t really that they (he and Joanne) were both in the same industry but more because they preferred not to announce if they weren’t sure of the outcome. He says that their story is not love at first sight. They met through filming and that he actually felt bad the first time they met because he was more than half an hour late for the script reading.
However, he feels that he watched Joanne growing up as they got together when she was around 20 and he was 28. They’ve known each other for a long time and the relationship progressed naturally. It wasn’t a shotgun wedding as many assumed with their sudden announcement. Calvin admits that they broke up at one point because Joanne felt like he wasn’t listening to her and that they were both thinking of themselves at the time. The breakup lasted a full year with no contact before he started pursuing her again. Looking back, Calvin says, “it’s like fate really brought us together.” 
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