Ashes of Love Makes Multiple ‘Cameos’ in Skate into Love

Did Skate into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 just pay homage to its Honey Trilogy sibling Ashes of Love香蜜沉沉如霜? After Deng Lun’s cameo, eagle eyed viewers have been playing a little game of spot the Ashes of Love references as bits and pieces from the popular xianxia drama have been discreetly popping up in some of its episodes.

deng lun in skate into love
Who knew that Janice Wu’s domineering Tang Xue was such a hardcore Ashes of Love fangirl (香蜜女)? In episode 12, she is admitting to have already seen Ashes of Love two times already as Deng Lun’s Xufeng in all his golden feathery glory fills the TV screen. Producer Andy Liu Ning who cameos as the restaurant owner admits to having seen the show five times! Luckily, Tang Xue deems watching Li Yubing’s hockey game more important than crying through the most heartbreaking wedding scene once more. *lol* 
luo yunxi ashes of love
And were you able to catch Leo Luo Yunxi on the screen when Yubing dragged Tang Xue out to KTV on episode 9 earlier this week? Tang Xue didn’t fare so well in her speed skating tryouts so Yubing thought it might be a good idea to let her vent out some of her bad mood to cheer her up. It’s a scene of Deng Lun and Luo Yunxi battling it out of course, and the song that Tang Xue has been enthusiastically butchering? How can it be anything else but the Ashes of Love theme song?
I say, now I’m really curious how many AoL scenes have been hidden in the drama by the show’s production team. That’d be fun, like finding hidden Mickeys all over – you never know where one might just pop up! Perhaps when the drama closes someone could total up all the times AoL references have been cheekily sneaked in? 
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