Alan Yu Soldiered On Despite Eye Injury Whilst Filming The Love Lasts Two Minds

When you’re filming a drama that involves a lot of fighting and weapons, injuries on set most surely are inevitable occurrences.  While shooting scenes a year and a half ago for the drama The Love Lasts Two Minds 两世欢 that’s currently on air, it was revealed that Alan Yu Menglong sustained an eye injury when his left eye was accidentally poked by a prop. Mind we’re not talking about a tiny little poke where you just blink lots, tear up, get checked out and go on your merry way. Nope. The injury looked quite serious since the actor’s left eye was swollen red and bleeding.  If you look closely at the video, all the blood slowly trickling out of his eye was no doubt pretty painful for him and definitely a scary sight to see especially if you’re squeamish. 

But don’t worry, the hardworking actor was immediately rushed to the hospital and quickly got patched up with some stitches. It was reported though that Yu Menglong couldn’t see very clearly after, and I really hope that the reduced vision in his left eye is not something irreversible with rehab. 
His fans were of course worried and many left him kind messages of support, asking him to take care of himself and to get better soon. Some have also expressed their appreciation for his dedication to his work and how he always strives to be a better actor. In response to those concerned about his eye, Yu Menglong penned a short post to reassure everyone that he is doing very well – 
Don’t worry everyone, there are no adverse after effects to my eye.  At the time of the accident, the crew performed emergency first aid and rushed me to the hospital. Everyone was very concerned with taking care of me. Our producer who was very worried about scarring in my eyes even went as far as to consult outside experts to help me. The cast and crew of The Love Lasts Two Minds have always been a big warm family and I ask everyone to support us in our endeavour. There are in fact more heroes than myself who have invested so much of their time and energy to ensure the show’s success. My own performance is indeed not very good but I will continue to work hard in the future. I also ask the lemons (what his fans call themselves) to cheer us on.”
You really have to hand it to Yu Menglong, despite his rising popularity and this unfortunate event, he has managed to remain humble and optimistic about the future. 
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