Actor Guo Tao from I Will Find You a Better Home Reveals That a Second Season is in Plan

I Will Find You a Better Home 安家 starring Sun Li and Luo Jin ended last week. As expected from Sun Li’s return to television after Nothing Gold Can Stay, her new drama was highly talked about becoming yet another hit with series highs that broke 3% in ratings. 

However, it doesn’t seem to have escaped criticism for having rushed the ending with loose ends left untied and the bad guy getting away scot-free. In a short video, actor Guo Tao who plays a supporting role as Kan Wentao reveals that there will indeed be a season 2. It will revolve around Fang Sijin and Xu Gugu starting a business and Kan Wentao becoming their partner. 
So far, there hasn’t been any official announcement about season 2 but it does feel like the industry is evolving more to adapt the format of having different seasons. I’m sure many of us are still waiting for Joy of Life 2 which according to hints from the actor and writer, is in plan even though they haven’t started work yet. If they do make another I Will Find You a Better Home 2, hopefully, it’ll have the same cast.
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