Aaron Yan No Longer Contacts Former Group Fahrenheit, Says They’re Not Friends

“We’re not friends, and I don’t want to fake being friends with them in public.” says Aaron Yan after being asked about his relationship with former Fahrenheit members comprised of Jiro Wang, Wu Chun and Calvin Chen

In a recent episode in Hua Hua Wan Wu 花花万物, hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, known for their up close and in-your-face type of interviews, asks Aaron Yan, “Are you still in contact with the other Fahrenheit members?” to which Yan honestly responds no. 
He was then shot with an awkward follow-up question, “Is it because you don’t like them?” Yan then proceeds to explain his side, saying “Fahrenheit members are not really someone I hang with and they aren’t really friends. There’s no need to fake the relationship and I personally doesn’t want to fake it too. There’s nothing negative about it, we really just aren’t friends and we don’t contact each other normally. To pretend that we’re friends for everyone to see, how can I keep such a lie, right.” Dee added, “Who are you not friends with?” He responds, “Just the group, teammates, I feel like to be friends, the relationship has to be at another level. Besides, we really don’t interact much.”
When asked if it ever reached a point where he hated them, Aaron Yan mentions that there was —the time when they were at the peak of their career—mostly because of their different values. He further explains it saying, “When, for example, our fans would fight, although you would expect a group’s fans to be in good terms with each other, they’re really not. It would get to a point where it’s too messy and I’m the type who would try to stop them, but there are others who won’t.”
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