Zhou Jieqiong and Zhang Bichen Report Safety After Netizens Reveal That They Were on the Same Flight as a Passenger with nCoV

With the coronavirus affecting more and more people, flying in an enclosed space with a plane full of people can be quite risky. Netizens recently broke the news that singers Zhou Jieqiong and Zhang Bichen were on the same Jan 19 flight as a passenger that has been diagnosed with nCoV.
Zhou Jieqiong quickly addressed fans’ worries on her social media account by saying that everything is well. She thanked everyone for their concern and reminded everyone to take extra precaution by wearing a mask and washing their hands thoroughly. 

In a separate yet similar post, Zhang Bichen also assured fans that she is feeling very healthy as she stays at home. She also encouraged everyone to avoid going out as much as possible, wash their hands often, eat three meals a day and improve their immune system to fight the virus. 
While most are thankful to hear that both are safe, there are those who did not let the opportunity to let some negativity pass saying that highlighting celebrities amidst this crisis is not important since there are a lot of other people who are suffering. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong about reporting someone’s safety. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they are exempted from the possibility of getting the virus, so it’s actually a good move that they are taking the time to update their fans as well as reminding them to be careful. What’s important right now is that both Zhou Jieqiong and Zhang Bichen are well and I hope everyone is the same, too! 

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