Zhang Ziyi’s Son Turns a Month Old

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Born on the very first day of the new decade, it’s hard to believe actress Zhang Ziyi’s son with husband Wang Feng is now a month old – how fast time flies! It’s Chinese tradition to celebrate the occasion of baby reaching his first full month, that plus the fact that momma’s confinement period is at an end is all the more reason to celebrate. 

To commemorate the occasion, the new mum of two posted a snapshot of her baby’s foot alongside her hand with the year 2 0 2 0 spelled out on her nails. But, despite the happy circumstance, the post was a quietly reflective one as I’m sure her heart is also with her loved ones back home and the millions of families affected by the virus currently ravaging her homeland and some parts of the world.
zhang ziyi son 1 month
She wrote, “at this moment, he is currently nursing in my arms… the little one is unaware of what the people have been dealing with in this first month of 2020. The joy of a new year and the happiness of family reunions have all been washed away by this epidemic.” As a new mum it’s completely understandable why the actress would feel this way, after all, given the state of the world, the kind of life your kids would have is something that you’ll always worry about.  Like many, the actress is of the opinion that this outbreak was avoidable. “Will lessons be learned from this? Was this epidemic enough to trigger alarm bells? One day I will tell my children that mankind’s wisdom is limitless, that cures can be found almost as soon as an epidemic breaks out. But I will also tell them that despite having all sorts of treatments for various diseases in the world, there is no cure for stupidity.”  
Despite all, the actress remains hopeful – after all as humans, hope springs eternal. “I hope in my children’s future that they will not experience the kind of grief we’ve dealt with in our lifetime. Always believe that tomorrow brings something better.”
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