Zhang Yujian Pokes Fun at Victoria Song’s Not-So-Generous Red Envelope That She Sent for His Birthday

Zhang Yujian is at it again. Continuing in the same vein as his character He Canyang’s cheeky antics in the romantic drama  FindYourself 下一站是幸福, the actor was taking the mickey out of his TV twin Victoria Song during a recent livestream.  

According to the actor, he wished the actress a very happy birthday on the 2nd and also took the opportunity to remind her not to forget the day he turns 30 on the 9th. “She said okay, I’ll make sure to give you a big red envelope!”. Zhang Yujian said that he waited and waited until 11 pm on his birthday thinking that maybe the actress forgot. And then at almost midnight, he finally got the birthday greeting he was looking forward to! “I was so happy, but I still kinda wanted that red envelope she promised! But then I was wee bit embarrassed to remind her, and then voila, she sends me a real red envelope, not just a cash transfer but a real one! I thought I could already stop working this year (after receiving the red packet), but after opening it (and all that suspense in the lead up to opening the packet), the red envelope contained 20.20 RMB!” Hilarious. I guess he can kiss the dream of living the “man of leisure” lifestyle (at least for this year) goodbye. *lol*
Being a good sport, Zhang Yujian thanked his TV twin for giving him such a “very memorable” gift. He added that he was given a very important life lesson about how to be a man. “Although I am 30 years old, my mind is still very immature and I look forward to things like pie falling from the sky (free money). I will definitely try to be more mature and work harder. Just you wait until I make enough money to give YOU a big red envelop instead.” Definitely lovin’ these TV siblings and their cute banter. And good thing he didn’t get a fist instead of a red envelope either!
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