Yuehua Entertainment Terminates Contract with Trainee, Huang Zhibo, Following His Arrest for Fraud

During times of crisis, what we need to do is to unite and help each other. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of the less fortunate. Yuehua Entertainment trainee Huang Zhibo has recently been arrested on charges of fraud. He may be best known for appearing in the Youku survival show All For One 以团之名. 

With the spread of the novel coronavirus in China, the 22-year-old trainee who had gone home to his hometown in Guangdong started selling surgical masks online. Now, there’s no problem if an idol-in-the-making would want to earn money on the side but as it turns out, he didn’t actually have any surgical masks to sell. Reports say that he was arrested on February 5 as a suspect for having received over 280,000 yuan as an advance payment for the ‘surgical masks’ yet became a no show when it came time to deliver the goods. 
On February 13. Yuehua Entertainment released a statement regarding Huang Zhibo’s involvement in the case of alleged fraud, which is under police investigation. Yuehua revealed that they have terminated Huang Zhibo’s ‘trainee contract’ as his actions are in severe violation of their agreement. They condemn such actions and apologize for the harm it has caused the public. 
Gah, I can’t help but get angry upon hearing about this! People are panicking and many are even willing to pay for overpriced masks and to think that scammers exist to take advantage… What probably fueled netizens’ anger even more was the fact that a day before Huang Zhibo’s arrest, he posted a handwritten note on his social media to encourage everyone to work together to fight the epidemic.
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