Yang Zi and Li Xian’s Characters in Go Go Squid! Greet Each Other on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air today as we celebrate Valentine’s day and for huge fans of Go Go Squid! that means it’s also our dear Han Shangyan’s birthday!

Having finished Go Go Squid!, I finally get the hype (even if I was a little late to join in on the fun). That being said, it’s no surprise to see such a simple but super cute Tong Nian and Han Shangyan interaction gaining attention.
The two fictional characters, played by Yang Zi and Li Xian in the series, actually have their respective weibo accounts even when the show was airing though there naturally wouldn’t be much updates after the show ended. When the clock struck 12 today, our boss lady and her beloved exchanged greetings. Tong Nian wrote, “Happy birthday Mr. Han,” while Han Shangyan responded, “Happy Valentine’s.” Their greetings surely left netizens (and yours truly) wistfully hoping it was real. 
Comment down below on how you’ll be celebrating this special day! As for me, I’ll just eat a gallon of ice cream while watching romantic movies. Happy Hearts Day!
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