When it Comes to Love, Dilraba Dilmurat Says She’s Different from Feng Jiu

It’s not such a secret that Dilraba Dilmurat is ready to fall in love. The actress has openly admitted to that in some of her interviews in the past. Now that her name is once again on everyone’s lips thanks to Eternal Love of Dream that’s currently on the air, folks are once again very interested in her personal life – particularly, how her love life is faring. 

When it comes to love, the actress emphasises that she is very different from her Eternal Love of Dream character Feng Jiu. This was one of the interesting takeaways from a recent interview with Ruxi 入戏. Despite her star status, it turns out that the actress is refreshingly low key and almost shy when it comes to her attitude towards romance. The actress says that “she’s not much of a go-getter like Feng Jiu” when it comes to pursuing someone. It seems Dilraba in real life is (ten) miles apart from Feng Jiu, who in the drama very actively pursued Dong Hua as her centuries old romantic interest. 


“I’m a very sensitive person, and I worry very much that people won’t like me so I definitely won’t be the one making the first step”. She also said that she is not a particularly confident person, and a word or two can easily break her confidence. Dilraba believes that everyone is her own independent person and should realise their own value and happiness in certain things rather than pinning on someone else for validation. Feng Jiu was just too obsessed with love even if Dong Hua didn’t really give her a particularly encouraging response. And this one side love persisted for three lifetimes so that’s really hard, says the actress.
Dilraba Dilmurat is clearly coming into her own as she grows older. Whereas she used to care too much about what other people thought – something we all go through at one point in our lives, now she just wants to live her life fully and work hard for the kind of life she wants without any regrets.


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