Victoria Song, Song Weilong and He Luoluo Guest Star in Happy Camp’s New Concept ‘Hey What Are You Doing?’

It’s as real as it’s gonna get with Happy Camp’s newest concept Hey, What Are You Doing? 你在干嘛呢 which aired last night on Hunan TV. With the dreaded Coronavirus weighing heavily on people’s minds, absolutely everyone has been encouraged to stay home for their continued health and safety. This has meant the cancellation of ongoing filmings of dramas and movies for C-Ent and begs the question – how do you entertain an entire nation that’s virtually held on house arrest while keeping your artistes safe?

Networks have been scrambling around to come up with innovative ways to entertain folks at home. After all it’s hard to while away the hours with nothing to do right. Some enterprising people have taken the opportunity to hone some new skills like cooking, while others tackled their “must read” list of books. But for folks who prefer to plonk down in front of the telly, don’t worry because the networks hear you! 
Hunan TV’s Happy Camp pushed out a new concept last night which allows the show’s hosts He Jiong, Li Weijia and Du Haitao as well as their artiste guests to call in virtually from the safe confines of their home.  It aired right before Day Day Up which also introduced a streaming format. Without the glow up magic of a makeup artist’s brush and a prompter to keep them in check,  who knows what sort of new tidbits viewers are going to get eh?
Case in point, show host Li Weijia’s mum who also joined him in the call, seems to be a huge fan of virtual guests Victoria Song and Song Weilong’s romantic drama Find Yourself
A staunch supporter of the Fanxing-Yuan Song couple, Mama Li ambushed them with the direct question if they were a couple in real life! Go Mama Li! Asking the question the public wants to know the answer to! *lol* Well, unfortunately for shippers, the answer was a big NO. “We’re just good friends” points out the good looking actor. Meanwhile, RISE member He Luoluo showed viewers how to level up the humble instant noodle dish with just a few additions. 
he luoluo
What do you think of this new take? Would you enjoy seeing this much rawer version of your favourite actors?

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