The Oscars Remembers Godfrey Gao And Other Artists For Their In Memoriam Tribute

The 2020 Academy Awards will probably forever remain iconic for being the season that South Korea’s Parasite has made history for being the first non-English language film after 92 years. While it has been all about such great wins, the Oscars continues their tradition of remembering those who have contributed to the global entertainment industry and left this world with their legacy.

Godfrey Gao was among the 163 celebrated contributors to the industry, joining other artists, directors, stylists, producers, and his basketball idol Kobe Bryant who was a 2018 Academy winner. The tragic and untimely passing of these celebrated artists had millions of people across the globe mourning when both still had a bright future ahead of them.
Godfrey may have only the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments done in his Hollywood career, but that did not stop him from being an inspiration to many other Asian artists who have been establishing their own careers in Hollywood. With Crazy Rich AsiansHenry Golding being one of those who saw him as an inspiration.
 As a long-time fan of Godfrey, it warms my heart to see him get remembered this way. This also made me sad that even after more than two months since his passing, it is still quite difficult to have my mind wrap around this painful reality. What struck me the most when I was viewing The Academy’s In Memoriam gallery this year was the fact that he appeared to be the youngest in the list. Even if that was quite unfathomable, I just hope that Godfrey and the rest of the industry’s contributors who have passed on, may always be remembered.
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