The Love Lasts Two Minds (2020)

With the promos ramping up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the premiere announced any day now and I sure hope it’s sooner rather than later. 
The Love Lasts Two Minds 两世欢 is a 36-episode drama that stars Alan Yu Menglong and Yukee Chen YuqiLike many Chinese dramas, the story about two people who solve mysteries together and end up falling in love is not uncommon but it seems like there’s a twist with complicated identities thrown into the mix. 

Adapted from the novel by Ji Yue Jiao Jiao 寂月皎皎, the story is set in the Liang Dynasty where Yuan Qingli, a military general’s daughter is abducted on her way to a monastery. During the ordeal, she is knocked unconscious.  After her successful rescue, Yuan Qingli wakes up with amnesia and a different personality.  In an effort to escape being married off, she dresses like a man and leaves for the town of Qinhe where she becomes a constable. 
Meanwhile, Jing Ci is a man who was accompanying Feng Mianwan, the woman he loved, on her way to a marriage alliance yet they are ambushed along the way. He presents himself as a Liang official to uncover the corruption that plagues the court where he meets the amnesiac Yuan Qingli. Yuan Qingli and Jing Ci join forces in order to bring to light the wrongdoings just below the surface, as well as, find out a bit more about Qingli’s true identity.  
Alan Yu has come a long way since he first rose to fame as the second lead in Go Princess GoYukee Chen worked her way up from an extra in Hengdian to a leading lady. Interestingly, both leads seem to have similar career trajectories with the two frequenting costume dramas due to their impressive visuals. Also in the cast are Zhang Sifan, Ma YueWang GongliangDing Ke’er and Wang Yu.  
Release Date: February 21, 2020 iQIYI
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