Tang Yan and Luo Jin Have Officially Become New Parents? An Actress May Have Let Slip the News

Did the baby(ies?) pop out yet? 
Since last year, reports of beautiful mom-to-be Tiffany Tang Yan giving birth have been floating around, there was even a time when the said rumor was accompanied by a picture of twin babies. Of course, Luo Jin came to the rescue to clear everything up, he denied the gossips and promised everyone that when the time comes, they will share the good news.

Well, the internet recently broke with rumors of Tang Yan’s birth again. During a livestream yesterday, actress Yan Xuejing allegedly let slip that Tang Yan has given birth to twins. Wow, I’d personally welcome this news because this is exactly what we need right now to lighten up the gloomy mood set by the coronavirus outbreak. However, it’s best to postpone sending your congratulatory messages to the couple since neither Tang Yan nor Luo Jin have confirmed. Although it may have some credence as news site Sina reportedly reached out to a common friend of the couple who confirmed that Tang Yan has indeed given birth.
To be honest, if the word on the street is true, I won’t blame the couple for wanting to keep it private for the time being. They probably have their reasons like wanting to savor the intimate moment or would rather give way to news about the outbreak. Whatever it is, I’m happy for the couple. 
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