Tan Songyun To Take Legal Action Against Those Who Spread Rumors About Her and Her Late Mother

There are really people who like to bask in others’ miseries, huh?
2019 has been a rough year for Under the Power star Tan Songyun because just at the first month of the year, she lost her mother who was in coma for weeks after being hit by a car. That kind of loss is truly painful and unbearable but the actress remained strong. 

However, there are online netizens who seems to have lost any sense of humanity and used the death of her mother to attack the actress and spread malicious rumors about her. The very thought sickens me! I know that as a celebrity, you really can’t help but have some haters along the way but what kind of person would resort to such vile actions? Luckily, her camp’s not staying silent about it.
Her studio released a statement addressing online users who are spreading false statements that slander the actress and her late mother saying that they already entrusted the matter to Beijing Lanpeng Law Firm. The firm is now in-charge of acquiring evidence and legal action will be taken. Yay! Fans of Tan Songyun are happy to see the studio finally take action on behalf of the actress. I hope those slanderers will be apprehended and that this serves as a lesson against cyberbullying. 
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