Talent Agency Refuses to Terminate Contract with The Untamed Actor Wang Haoxuan

It looks like an amicable settlement between actor Wang Haoxuan and his management company Nanlin Culture isn’t in the cards because a big NO was the response he got from the company regarding his wish to terminate his current contract with them. Last month, the actor revealed that his lawyers have already notified the agency about the dissolution of his talent contract. Although Wang Haoxuan didn’t reveal anything about what prompted this “breakup” with the company in his post, he did express his gratitude for the help and the training he received in the four years he was with them. 

This week, Nanlin published their own response to the The Untamed actor’s “request” which they say came as a huge surprise, indicating that because they had invested a very significant amount of resources to secure work commitments for Wang Haoxuan, they were not amenable to it. And because efforts to reach an agreement with the actor unfortunately broke down, Nanlin has decided to reach a settlement via judicial channels instead. Let’s hope the two parties are able to reach an acceptable compromise and resolve their issues before this breakup can get any messier.
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