Perfect Partner Leading Lady Tong Liya Draws Mixed Reactions from Viewers

Tong Liya‘s return to the small screen wasn’t as enjoyable as fans have imagined with her latest drama Perfect Partner gathering mixed reviews after its premiere. 

Tong Liya plays a young woman forced to take over her father’s company albeit not knowing a single thing about it. Naturally, you’d expect her to be a bit clueless, right? Yet it seems like it’s one of the reasons why netizens are calling out Tong Liya’s performance. That and her overly girly act around the male lead Huang Xuan has become too cringy for some to accept. With other seasoned actresses like Chen Shu and Gao Lu also in the cast, it seems that comparisons are being drawn. 
Of course, there are those who are aware of Tong Liya’s acting prowess (you have to be living under the rock to miss that) and pointed out that if there is anyone be blamed at all, it is none other than the scriptwriters who made her character annoying and awkward to begin with. 
Anyway, it’s just been over a week since it aired so maybe her character would display some redeeming qualities along the way. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see it for myself.
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    February 25, 2020 4:18 PM
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