Netizens School Rainie Yang on How to Properly Wear a Mask

rainie yang
Blue or white side out? While some people are still confused about which side should be facing out, Netizens helped actress Rainie Yangdetermine the answer to a different question altogether – how to get the right fit.  

The actress normally posts fashion-y selfies of herself and her friends on her Insta, and sure enough yesterday’s post showed another casual outfit of her in a lime green sweater and light blue denim combo. The main difference though is that the actress chose to also show her face mask in the post. “Recent outfit highlight – face masks. After living through SARS, we are more cautious this time. We must get through these challenging times together. A lifetime of hard work, a lifetime of happiness ~ Everyone keep on fighting!” writes the actress.  
However, discerning Netizens quickly pointed out that Rainie was incorrectly wearing her mask – the metal strips were not pressed down to the contours of her nose for a tighter fit which is a must they say.  Some also commented that the bottom part of the mask was not properly pulled down completely, while others suggested that the mask didn’t fit her properly because her face was too small. Wearing it incorrectly, adds one, is akin to not wearing a mask at all and won’t be an effective barrier to stop the bacteria.  
I’d like to think everyone has her best interest at heart despite how rude some of the comments may have sounded and I reckon the actress was thinking the same thing when she thanked everyone on her Insta Stories and said “ thank you to my internet friends for suggesting that I buy children’s masks instead. I’ll pop out and have a go. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy some.” 
To all our readers, we hope you all stay safe and healthy. 
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