Li Xian Was in Luhan’s Medals MV from 5 Years Ago

Today’s throwback Thursday is brought to you by none other than singer-actor Luhan with the help of eagle eyed Netizens who spotted the familiar face of Go Go Squid! actor Li Xianin Luhan’s 2015 music video, Medals. Yup, before the actor’s face became more recognisable amongst mainstream audiences following his performances in 2016’s Who Sleeps My Bro and Tientsin Mystic in 2017, the actor has been slowly but surely getting his feet wet in the industry in any way he can. 

It’s no secret that appearing in music videos is a tried and tested way for struggling actors to get some much needed exposure to a bigger audience. Those of you who were raised on MTV in the 90s surely remember Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith video Crazy opposite actress Liv Tyler,  J.Lo in Janet Jackson’s That’s the Way Love Goes or Hawk Eye aka Jeremy Renner’s cameo in P!nk’s Trouble?
I’m not quite sure what prompted Netizens to dig up Luhan’s MV from five years ago, but I reckon fans will be quite happy to see another side of Li Xian as he shows off a great physique playing a bestubbled boxer in the four minute video of the theme song for the movie The Witness featuring Yang Mi and Luhan.
Check out Li Xian in Medals for a glimpse of the actor during his “early” days.

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