Let’s Take a Peek at What Some Stars Are Doing at Home

Hey-ho! What have you guys been doing lately? With the coronavirus hanging over our heads, it’s been a tough couple of weeks. Even our favorite Chinese stars are being wise and spending their time at home especially since filming activities have been halted in China right now. Aren’t you a wee bit curious to know how some of them are killing time? Well, if you are, then read on!

Yang Mi
If not for the epidemic, the beautiful actress would be busy filming Thank You Doctor alongside Bai Yu but instead, she’s staying indoors. That doesn’t mean she’s piddling away her time, Yang Mi chose this as the perfect opportunity to hone her culinary skills leading to these scrumptious meals!
yuan shanshan pet dogs
Yuan Shanshan
Yuan Shanshan became an instant pet groomer since pet shops are closed. She shared how she tended to her three adorable furbabies that left her exhausted.
Deng Lun
What better way to spend your time off than working out, right? Deng Lun dropped a photo of his workout gear and reminded everyone to stay safe. 
Chen He
I personally love the family bonding time going on at Chen He’s household. Even though the actor-comedian didn’t snap a photo of himself, he actually took to social media to say that his daughter has driven his dad crazy. And there you have photos of grandpa going all out just to make sure his granddaughter is happy. 
Yang Zi 
Our adorable Yang Zi has been busy cleaning up after her furbaby’s mess which she said is her routine recently. She also reminded everyone not to go out for their own safety. She added, “to persevere is to win the battle. We can avoid going out and avoid adding to the problem in order to get through the ordeal together.”
Zheng Shuang’s Dad
If you prefer outdoorsy type of activities like, let’s say, fishing, then being cooped up at home is difficult, right? Well, how about you learn a little trick from Zheng Shuang’s dad who brought fishing to their house! Maybe, just maybe, it could work to lessen your craving from the outside world! 
Chen Kun
Meanwhile, Chen Kun binged watch the DVD version of his 2017 drama The Rise of Phoenixes with Ni Ni
How about you? Aside from watching dramas or films, are there any shenanigans you’ve done at home? If there are, then comment it below!


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