Kingdom 2 Starring Joo Ji Hoon and Bae Doo Na Announces Premiere with a New Gory Teaser!

The 2016 blockbuster film Train to Busan opened doors for the zombie genre, and if these types of shows are right up your alley, pretty sure you’d have seen or at least heard of the popular Korean zombie drama Kingdom. If you’re a fan, mark your calendars because the continuation to Crown Prince Lee Chang’s desperate struggle with the undead aka Kingdom 2 hits Netflix on the 13th of March which is, incidentally Friday the 13th.  

Short but er .. gory, the series’ newest trailer gives viewers a peek into what Joo Ji Hoonwho plays the Crown Prince and actress Bae Doo Na, the physician Seo Bi who accompanies him on his dangerous quest are up against. It’s literally their little group versus a sea of zombies eyeing them up like fresh meat in this costumed historical.
Set in the Joseon period, Crown Prince Lee Chang sets out to investigate a mysterious undead plague that his father, the King has already fallen victim to. In a desperate race to prevent the zombie epidemic from claiming more victims and spreading towards the capital, Lee Chang, accompanied by physician Seo Bi, Young-Shin and his bodyguard Moo Young must do their best to get to the bottom of things and not get infected themselves. Kingdom 2 continues this story ….
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