Kim Woo Bin in Talks to Join Shin Min Ah in AM Entertainment After Leaving Agency of 8 Years

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah are the perfect picture of a couple that have weathered the storms of life together. Who can forget the first time they actually worked together on a Giordano campaign. It has been years since then and their story just gets sweeter.  

In a letter released by the actor’s previous agency on February 3, it was revealed that Kim Woo Bin has left SidusHQ, his agency of 8 years, since December of last year in an amicable separation as his agency wished the actor a bright and healthy future. 
On the same day, talks of him joining another agency floated around saying that Kim Woo Bin is thinking of joining his long-time girlfriend, Shin Min Ah, in AM Entertainment. A source from AM Entertainment later confirmed that they are indeed discussing the possibility of Kim Woo Bin signing an exclusive contract with them. As of the moment, the actor has not released any statement regarding this matter. 
Knowing that the lovebirds will be under the same agency has me giddy with excitement because this might mean that they’ll have projects together in the near future! Eek! As a fan of their awesome and heartwarming romance, I’m definitely hoping that the possibility will come to life! 
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