Kim Soo Hyun’s Big Comeback in Pyscho But It’s Okay Confirmed

Can I just say … finally! Since his discharge from the military in summer of last year, actor Kim Soo Hyun has been slowly easing himself back into the industry with cameo appearances here and there in dramas such as the finale of Hotel Del Luna and the super popular Crash Landing on You that’s been on almost everyone’s screens everywhere lately. Not too shabby for getting his feet wet isn’t it? 

But this time around, there’s no more “dipping his feet in” first for Kim Soo Hyun as the actor is plunging headfirst into the deep end, starring in the upcoming tvN drama Psycho But It’s Okay bound to air sometime this year. In it, Kim Soo Hyun steps into the shoes of Moon Kang Tae, a health care worker in a psychiatric hospital. Because his parents passed away when he was still a child, he was forced to become the family’s breadwinner and take care of his older brother. Kang Tae has no dreams nor does he have any grand expectations from his mundane everyday life apart from ensuring he is able to put food on the table and sleep peacefully each day with a roof over their heads. But fate it seems, has other plans for him ….
Psycho But It’s Okay brings us a story about the healing power of love and how it brings together a healthcare worker who refuses to love because of his difficult life and a storybook author who doesn’t understand love. 
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