Kim Myungsoo is a Cat-Turned-Human in the TV Adaptation of Webtoon Meow, the Secret Boy

We often hear that there are couples who fight like cats and dogs, right? But what if one of them is an actual cat or dog? Kim Myung Soo aka L‘s charming smirk while wearing a hoodie with a cat picture is not really giving away any clue, but in his new drama with He is Psychometric actress Shin Ye Eun, he’s actually a cat who seeks nothing but to stay by his human owner’s side. 
Meow, the Secret Boy, which is based on a webtoon of the same name is a romantic-comedy that offers a unique take on the fantasy romance genre. 

It tells the story of Kim Sol-Ah, played by Shin Ye Eun, who is in her 20s and aspires to become a webtoon artist. Despite having a dog-like personality, (like being loyal and brave) she is surrounded by people who are more similar to cats when it comes to their characteristics. One day, she finds a lonely cat and takes him home but little does she know that this cute little feline will shake her world.
It’s a bit similar to the drama You’re My Pet but of course, it differs in the sense that the pet is a real cat that can transform into a man! Just how is that possible? Is this a doomed love story from the start or can the adorable cat stay human while winning his lady love’s affections? There’s no doubt, the intriguing plot topped with the stars’ visuals are enough to rouse viewers’ attention. Kim Myung Soo was such a ray of sunshine as the guardian angel in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. I’m excited for this next drama. 
It is set to premiere on March 25 at 10 PM on KBS.
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