Hubei Native Song Yi Clears Up Rumors About Her Refusal to Cooperate During Quaratine

A recent blind item floating around the internet that a Hubei female artist was being uncooperative to the imposed quarantine measures has got Netizens pointing the finger at Zhang Ruoyun’s super cute and super lovable younger sister in the drama Joy of Life, actress Song Yiwho is a Hubei native. According to the chatter, the unnamed actress refused to sign the quarantine commitment document and was very uncooperative with authorities in charge of the registration process. What’s more, when asked to have her body temperature taken as part of control measures, this person refused and asked her assistant be her proxy instead (which totally negates the entire purpose of the activity). 

Okay so rumours like this are certainly no laughing matter especially when public health and safety are concerned. It’s a good thing Song Yi came out to nip this in the bud before things get blown out of hand.
Thank you everyone for your concern. That I’ve refused to cooperate whatsoever with the authorities regarding quarantine is untrue. First, I have been staying in a hotel in Shanghai since the 22nd of January and have been following the regulations and initiatives imposed. I haven’t left isolation (and the hotel room) for 23 days already. 
Secondly, because I am indeed from Hubei, staff from the epidemic prevention centre approached us this morning requesting us to register and sign the quarantine agreement once again. My first reaction was that I’ve already been quarantined inside the hotel for 23 days and I haven’t been showing any symptoms since then. So I clarified with the staff whether extending the isolation period further is necessary. Never in our entire conversation did I express any intention of refusing to cooperate. I wanted to explain our situation to the staff clearly but I can see why this process may be misunderstood by bystanders as a “refusal to cooperate”.
Thirdly, I filled out the registration form with my pertinent information first thing after clarifying our situation with the staff sent by the epidemic prevention centre. Upon further assessment, they advised us to extend our isolation period for 14 more days.
Lastly, myself, my family and my colleagues have been closely monitoring every national and local regulation. Quite frankly, it’s almost impossible at this time to be anything but cooperative with the imposed control measures. I feel sorry to take everyone’s time in this matter but I don’t need to be the recipient of people’s anger and the stigma this false accusation brings me. I really hope everyone refrains from spinning more falsehoods from this – don’t believe rumours and don’t spread them either. Thank you again everyone for your concern.
So there you have it, a clarification from the actress. Truth be told it’s indeed next to impossible to be uncooperative at this point in time. Everyone’s scrambling to contain the epidemic from further spreading so you’d be a total douche, not to mention a selfish person if you do otherwiseHope everyone stays safe and that we can overcome this virus sooner than later.
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