Jackie Chan and Celebs Rally to ‘Wuhan Strong’

When things seem hopeless, it certainly warms the heart to see people from all walks of life doing what they can to help. Stories of anonymous folks dropping off boxes of masks at the police station or doctors going out of retirement to help treat the sick proves that there’s still hope for humanity yet.  

Celebrities too are rallying under the banner of “Wuhan Strong” and stepping up to help fight the disease any way they can. Some like Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinlivan, made a sizeable donation to the Hubei Charity Federation, as did actress Fan Bingbing and Wuhan native Zhu Yilong who donated funds to the Wuhan Benevolent General Association. Meanwhile, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan went about his contribution a little bit differently, opting instead to reward individuals or institutions who can help develop a cure as his way of thanking them on top of his efforts to donate medical supplies like masks and protective clothing.  Others, have instead chosen to help by boosting morale through videos, written messages and songs for Wuhan.
“Which ever person or organization that has developed an effective cure, I would like to give 1,000,000 RMB to thank them. I hope everyone understands that this is not a lot of money. But it’s iust that it’s hard to see streets that should have been bustling absolutely empty and folks that should be out enjoying life felled by the disease. I want to see the flowers of spring in full bloom, and I hope to see my fellow Chinese in high spirits and looking towards the future!” — Jackie Chan

But amidst all the goodwill that’s floating around, there are still those who choose to see the bad side of things. South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo posted an encouraging “Love for Wuhan” message on her IG but got some flak from people who feel that she could be doing more than just posting on social media. The ever popular Yang Mi also did not escape censure when her donation of 200,000 RMB through Jet Li’s fund raising efforts was let known (the actress has donated through other channels according to her fans).  Mulanactress Liu Yifei too got some heat when a list of celebrity donations popped up on social media indicating the Wuhan native’s donation only amounted to a “measly” 200,000 RMB thus renewing calls for a Mulan boycott.  
Personally, we don’t really know the extent of celebrities’ efforts to help those affected – I mean you won’t normally toot your own horn to these things now would you? The most important bit is having the heart to help out in any way you can. I just feel like in times when morales are low, a little bit of sympathy all around will be appreciated more. What’s the point of being all self righteous and pointing out what people “should’ve done” or “shouldn’t have done” anyway. Someone’s just bound to end up feeling bad when what people need now is a burst of positive light. 
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