Huang Xiaoming Slams Cheating Rumors and Reveals That He’s Been in Isolation

Oh dear. Some people just have too much time on their hands with nothing to do but stir up some trouble.
New rumours have been making the rounds online recently of actor Huang Xiaoming being involved with industry new comer Hani Kezi. The actor, who’s been married for close to five years to model and actress Angelababy (who can forget their million dollar wedding eh?), has been the subject of divorce rumours from time to time. But that’s certainly not an excuse for anyone to further smear his name and other women’s now is it. It’s certainly not fair for Hani Kezi who’s only just started in c-ent and working hard to make a name for herself.

Good thing is, like actress Yang Zi, Tan Songyun and a few other celebrities who have been subject to malicious gossip from bashers and rumourmongers in the past, Huang Xiaoming is fighting back.
In a statement he posted on social media, the actor broke his silence to lay down some facts –
From the end of last year to the present, I have been busily filming in Chengdu with our crew. When news of the epidemic broke, I have been in holed up in isolation at a Chengdu hotel following the control measures imposed. During this time, I’ve been keeping up with the developments of the virus  and hope that my efforts to help frontline health workers and patients are enough. I never expected this (malicious gossip) to take so much of the public’s time and resources. I feel helpless and very apologetic. Hope Netizens will not give credence to this and spread any more falsehood. Let’s focus instead on the current health situation and look forward to beating this soon” writes the actor.
huang xiaoming
Huang Xiaoming also shared a statement from his lawyers who he commissioned to pursue legal action against the slanderers. Interestingly, the statement names very specifically three user IDs. According to the firm, they have requested the Beijing courts to issue subpoenas ordering the disclosure of the user’s real identities from Weibo’s company so they can be sued. Amongst the stipulations demanded?  A public apology from each of the defendants to Huang Xiaoming as well as financial compensation for damages to his name.
Meanwhile, actress Hani Kezi’s camp also issued a warning. Anyone continuing to make false claims on the actress’ personal life can expect to find themselves slapped with a fat lawsuit and that online platforms are strongly requested to delete the malicious slander .. or else. 
Netizens definitely messed with the wrong guy and gal. If recent events are any indication, it certainly looks like stars won’t be taking things lying down any longer. Whereas in the past, celebs might’ve opted to just ignore the tittle-tattle and keep mum, we can pretty much expect celebs to take a harder line on online slander moving forward.
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