Hu Ge Shows Support To A Medical Personnel Fan Fighting the Epidemic in Wuhan

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect so many lives, it’s always nice to know that we still get good news out of this. One source of good news would be Hu Ge who responded to a medical personnel who is also a fan of his when she tagged him in her post on Weibo. 
The medical personnel had “Hu Ge’s wife” written on the back of her protective gear. She captioned it with, “Another patient was discharged today. Many patients have manifestations of anxiety and depression, to treat a sickness, must also treat the heart. Our heavy protective clothing causes distance between us and our patients, we will make every effort to alleviate the heavy atmosphere in our hospital ward. Jia you, jia you (expressing encouragement).”

A week since that photo was posted, Hu Ge replied today and said, “You are the most beautiful xiaoguangtou (little bald head). Without you and your comrades’ persistence and selfless dedication, the people of this country will not live healthily and happily. I hope that the epidemic will cease as soon as possible. I look forward to see you who’s under the protective head gear, lending you this name temporarily, remember to give it back later.”
Seeing this touching exchange of messages made my heart happy and even develop an admiration towards Hu Ge for doing this. Hu Ge is one of so many celebrities who are doing what they can through donations and cheering on the medical staff who have been battling the epidemic on the frontlines. During these tough and critical times, even simple words of kindness just like what Hu Ge said can already help these people who work day and night, even risking their lives to save others.  
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