Forensic Heroes 4 Starring Raymond Wong and Selena Lee Set to Premiere This Month!

Doing what Hong Kong dramas do best (IMHO), the fourth installment to one of Hong Kong’s highly anticipated forensic cops and robbers series Forensic Heroes will finally air on the 17th of February on TVB and Youku. Like its predecessor, Forensic Heroes 4 will feature new faces, with Raymond Wong Ho-Yin and actress Selena Lee taking the lead together with Shaun TamAlice ChanRebecca Zhu and Roxanne Tong rounding up this crime fighting series.

This was a long time coming for fans who’ve waited long enough for the show which was pushed back from its scheduled premiere date last year due to a not so tiny little hiccup. If you guys recall the Andy HuiJacqueline Wongcheating scandal that rocked the Hong Kong entertainment scene last year, well, Jacqueline got dropped like a hot potato for most of her projects after the scandal erupted. One of those was Forensic Heroes 4 which had to undergo an eye wateringly expensive rewrite and a re-shoot of her scenes with her replacement, actress Roxanne Tong.  
Forensic Heroes is a police procedural show which chronicles the baffling murder cases challenging the Hong Kong Police Force’s forensics and crime units. Throw in a healthy dose of the team’s personal problems and another riveting season might be in store for loyal viewers. 
From the clues let loose by show’s trailer, we see that the team find connections to an old case in 2011 –  “the dead cannot speak, but there must be other clues that can lead us to the killer…. the one who knows the truth may be a witness, but he can also be the suspect. The dead man’s thumbprints are the same as the ones left by the culprit in an old murder case in 2011.”  Now that the series is ready for its grand unveiling, let’s see what the show’s writers have in store to top its previous three seasons.
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