Day Day Up Tries New Format That Allow Its Stars to Conduct the Show Streaming From Their Homes

With the coronavirus outbreak, it’s advisable to stay indoors as much as possible and with so much time in your hands, it’s no wonder people are finding ways to get creative. It seems that productions are also attempting to do so with popular show Day Day Up 天天向上 trying an unusual yet original format by conducting a show while streaming from the comforts of their homes.

[EDITED] The new segment featuring the Day Day Up boys Wang Han, Qian Feng, Da Zhang Wei, Wang Yibo and Neil Gao Tianhe in a public welfare program will be released on February 7 (Friday) at 23:00 on Hunan TV. Broadcast for Day Day Up was especially moved up from its usual Sunday slot.    
It looks just like a massive conference call but I’m not complaining. I guess since most people are cooped up in their homes, the team used this as an inspiration to come up with this format. It should be refreshing to see the celebrities in a more comfortable setting. The show already teased one of its hosts, Wang Yibo, performing some card tricks while the other stars can be heard talking in the background. 
Han Xue, Angel Wang Ou, Shen Mengchen and Yang Di join as guest stars.  This arrangement is definitely a good idea to curb the risks of being exposed to the virus.
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