Chinese Celebrity Couple Reveal Close Family Members Caught the Coronavirus

In a recent guest appearance for variety show program Day Day Up, celebrity couple Tang Yifei and husband Ling Xiaosu called in from the city of Wuhan where the family of three had planned to spend the lunar new year holidays together with her entire family including her parents. Wuhan as you know, is at the very centre of the global health emergency so naturally, everyone was curious about the state of things in the city and also concerned for the actress.  

According to the star, her entire extended family planned to hold a new year’s gathering but they decided not to push through with it when they realised the seriousness of the situation. In fact, the Wuhan native revealed to the surprise of the celebrities on the show that three of her relatives were actually diagnosed with the Coronavirus – her grandparents who are close to being eighty years old and her aunt.  Keeping a positive face, the actress also revealed that because of her grandparent’s advanced ages, their situation was more serious than expected. However, because their will to live is strong, their determination to eat well and their constant reminder to themselves to hang in there, they were able to survive the virus after treatment. Whew!
I’m sure the entire family is resting easy now that their elders were able to get better. With the media bombarding us daily with new reported cases, it’s such a relief for a change to be hearing positive stories coming out of Wuhan to reinforce the fact that there’s hope. So hang in there Wuhan! To everyone affected, don’t give up and don’t lose hope! Jia you!
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