Barbie Hsu Shares Selfies Showing Her New Haircut

They say that the hair is every female’s crowning glory – it can make or break how one looks like. This is why whenever someone gets a haircut, it just rarely gets unnoticed! Barbie Hsu was no exception as the 43 year-old Taiwanese actress recently posted selfies of herself looking extra young with her new haircut.

In the actress’ latest social media post, she asked how everyone was and told them to take care of themselves. She said that better days are coming then casually updated that this is how she looks like now – showcasing her short hair.
If you ask me to write a list of my favorite actresses, Barbie Hsu or Da S as she is fondly called in the industry, surely goes at the top of my list. Being her longtime fan, I could not recall any time that she had her hair cut this short. This is actually the kind of haircut that we would most likely to see from her sister Dee Hsu. I can already imagine the silly banters that they are having now that they have similar hairstyles.
Wang Xiaofei shared his wife’s Weibo post with the caption, “Wash, cut, blow”. This must be his own way of showing his support for his wife’s new look. Hope we can see new photos of them in their next posts too.
Even if I have always loved her long shiny locks, it is definitely refreshing to see her pulling off this kind of hairstyle. It also emphasizes how she has been drinking from the fountain of youth. Seeing this new look on her now makes me excited to watch out for more of her selfies!
What do you think of Barbie’s haircut? Is it a yay or a nay?
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