Back with Another Time-Travel Drama, Zhao Lusi Enters a Fictional World in The Romance of Tiger and Rose

The charming Zhao Lusi might have taken an interest in time-traveling as she returns with yet another drama bearing a similar theme. The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊 dropped promos yesterday teasing another light and adorable love story.

Zhao Lusi’s pastel garb compliments her bright personality but hides the worrisome journey she has to face. She portrays a writer from the modern world who is transported inside her own script! The only problem is, she is not the heroine but the evil third princess whom she wrote as a minor character destined to die.
Starting with Oh! My Emperor, Zhao Lusi’s choice of dramas seem to give off similar vibes but I think it suits her well. Only 21 years of age, she maximizes her youth and easygoing nature to ease into the genre. With her growing fame, the actress has a lot of time to explore light romances before transitioning into more mature roles. 
Snippets of the leads’ romantic escapades are already shown but I think those who are hungover from Zhao Lusi’s previous drama Love Better Than Immortality would need some convincing especially since she had wonderful chemistry with Li Hongyi whom she also worked with in Prodigy Healers. In fact, it was their tandem that viewers have enjoyed more than the plot itself. 
It’s surely a tough act to follow for actor Ding Yuxi whose only been in a couple of dramas but hey, he might surprise viewers with what he has to offer. He certainly looks every bit the arrogant prince he is set to portray. Sheng Yinghao and Zhou Zixin also star. 
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