Ariel Lin Opens Up about Reconciling With Her Father

Ariel Lin has definitely come a long way from her My Secret Garden 我的秘密花园 days playing Fan Xiao Min. Honestly, I can only remember very vaguely the drama’s plot because well, it’s been years. But the show holds a special place in my childhood memories because it’s what got me hooked on Taiwanese dramas from the start. *lol* I’m aware for most people, it’s probably Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu’s Meteor Garden that put Taiwanese dramas on the map. But not for me though, as it’s My Secret Garden all the way! But honestly, I don’t think any of us had an idea back then of just how far up in the industry the spirited Xiao Min will soar. 
For this month, Ariel Lin is on the cover of Elle Taiwan’s February issue and opens up about growing up in a broken family and how her mum inspired her to reconcile with her estranged father in an exclusive interview for the publication.

Ariel’s parents separated when she was a child and during that time, her family fell on hard times financially. However, the actress said that she never felt lacking of anything because her mum gave her enough love. Moreover, it is through her mum’s example that she learned an important lesson, that you don’t need to be in the most fortunate of situations to be able to help a person out. So even when times were hard for them, her mum doesn’t hesitate to make a generous donation to aboriginal children in need. This was a lesson she took with her to adulthood and which greatly influenced her to help others fulfil their dreams. “When you are willing to share what you have, no matter how big or small, it is a great thing” says the actress, and “when your heart is full, you will be more courageous in investing your time and your energy to someone.”
This was the reason why the actress decided to reach out to her biological father when she was older. Ariel believes that being a family in this lifetime is a rare enough fate and may not be the case in your next life.  “So I hope that blood relatives, regardless of their personalities (good or bad), can at least treat each other well, instead of being regretful  in the future.” Moreover, because “time is the most precious thing above all else”, the actress believes that any time spent meaningfully – “having meals with her family, travelling, meeting a friend she has been wanting to see, or reaching a small life goal is very valuable”. At least, according to her, when she takes her last breath in this lifetime, “you know you have no regrets”. 
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