After 3 Years, Yang Mi’s Bai Qian Finally Marries In Eternal Love Of Dream

It has been three years since Eternal Love left us off with Yang Mi‘s Bai Qian and Mark Chao‘s Ye Hua reuniting in each other’s arms after overcoming so many obstacles in their three lives. There was just one major event that we should have all been witnesses to that we were not able to see – a grand wedding between these heavenly immortals.

In the recent episodes of Eternal Love of Dream, we all know that Bai Qian has made a return to Qing Qiu to prepare for her upcoming wedding while giving some advice to her dearest niece Feng Jiu. Since the drama could not get hold of Mark Chao’s Ye Hua for the scene, it was smart of them to just show the bride saying goodbye to her parents as part of the ceremonies.
Even if we were deprived of a Bai Qian – Ye Hua wedding ceremony, who could ever forget that simple but intimate wedding ceremony that Su Su and Zhao Ge had by the Junji Mountain. It was everything that you would never imagine such immortals of their rank to have: set outside Su Su’s humble cottage, plain red wedding garb, and no other guests to witness their celebration of love as mortals.
Yang Mi’s appearance may feel brief but at least we know now that she and Ye Hua are living happily ever after. Not just as their mortal counterparts because we all know how that ended up to be, but in their real lives as a god and goddess together with their Little Riceball, A-Li!
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