Zhu Dan Commits Another Hosting Error and Gets Sandra Ma’s Name Wrong!

Once is enough, twice is too much, and thrice is maybe telling professional host Zhu Dan to take a break from her hosting job first because she said the wrong name AGAIN! 
Whoa, that’s like three events already that she made a mistake and while it’s completely normal to commit some bloopers from time to time, Zhu Dan seems to have already used all her free passes. 

The latest victim of her hosting mishap is Mr. Fighting star Ma Sichun whom she referred to as Ma Siheng and Ma Sihe before getting her name right. I would wonder how she can say the wrong name of a popular actress but then again, her first victims were popular too (But come on! That’s Sandra Ma!). 
sandra ma jackson wang
What probably made the incident funnier is Jackson Wang’s priceless reaction when he heard the TV presenter’s error. He looked back to Zhu Dan disbelievingly with his face showing nothing but surprise. His wide-eyed look is truly meme material! Realizing her mistake, Zhu Dan laughed awkwardly while the audience imitated her “Sorry”. 
There might be a reason behind her recent blunders. Ever heard of the Chinese idiom about having a baby brain (一孕傻三年) where women who give birth tend to become forgetful for three years. The host even addressed it in one of her old posts saying that her friend told her it’d be fine once the baby turns three. Hmm, if that’s the case then Zhu Dan needs to wait just a few more months since her daughter will turn three this year. For the meantime, maybe she can take a quick vacation to rest her mind. 
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