Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng in New Year Posters for H&M China

zhao liying feng shaofeng
We’ve still got a few more weeks before Chinese New Year but H&M China already riled up the shoppers with their Spring Festival Collection featuring the real-life couple Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng!

This is the first collaboration of the lovebirds ever since getting married in 2018 and I’m pretty sure this is enough to shut down naysayers inciting rumors that the two were having marital issues and headed for divorce. H&M China first announced the two as their official endorsers last December with references to Feng Shaofeng’s second uncle and Zhao Liying’s Minglan which were their characters in the hit drama The Story of Minglan
zhao liying feng shaofeng cny
In the spirit of Chinese New Year, red is the dominant color throughout the shoot. I’ve seen fans taking the time to take a picture of their advertisements that are already seen in H&M stores. I gotta say, my favorite shot is the one where Zhao Liying is sporting a white sweater paired with a black leather skirt. She looks so young! But what I liked the most is the loving look in Feng Shaofeng’s eyes while gazing at her. It’s so romantic! 
How about you? What’s your favorite? 
zhao liying feng shaofeng cny
zhao liying feng shaofeng cny
zhao liying feng shaofeng cny
zhao liying feng shaofeng cny
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