Zhang Yunlong and Deng Jiajia are Ready to Play in Sci-Fi Drama Player

Will Sci-Fi be the next big thing in C-ent?

Although not yet a mainstream favourite, it looks like sci-fi dramas are fast on the rise as evidenced by the slew of projects from the genre being produced. With the success of the blockbuster movie The Wandering Earthpaving the way, projects like Insect TotemHUM∀NS and Sisyphus are among the new dramas that have cropped up to garner attention from viewers with an eye out for something new. 
That said, joining the list of sci-fi projects is web drama Player 玩家 which just wrapped up filming recently. Set in the future, the 24 episode urban sci-fi adventure series produced by Youku tells the story of a game played by humans against artificial intelligence who are trying to achieve transcendence and finally obtain free will. Only flesh and blood humans, with the ability to feel emotions can stop them!
Player stars Leon Zhang Yunlong and actress Deng Jiajia who we last saw in Ming Dynasty as Hu Shanxiang/Empress Gongrangzhang. Both players will be ably seconded in the project by Zhou Zhengjie, Tu Zhiying, Wu Haochen and Zhang Zhilv who will also be appearing in the drama.
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