Zhang Yixing to Make First Appearance as Tang Wei’s Son in Ming Dynasty

zhang yixing tang wei ming dynasty
If you’ve been waiting for Lay Zhang Yixing to appear in the popular period drama Ming Dynasty then I bring you good news: it’s tonight! 

The historical series will air its 48th and 49th episode tonight where viewers will finally get a glimpse of Zhu Qizhen, Lay’s character! Apparently, Zhang Yixing got the role with some help from his mother. The show’s producer, Yao Yuzhu, revealed in a recent interview that she and Zhang Yixing’s mother are both from Hunan and are close friends. After Yixing’s mom heard that the producer was preparing for a historical drama, she suggested her son. Since the role of Zhu Qizhen had not yet been casted, the producer hooked Zhang Yixing up with the director. 
zhang yixing ming dynasty
Although appearing in a supporting role, Zhang Yixing actually plays a main role towards the end of the drama as Zhu Qizhen which was an interesting ruler during his time of reign because of the events that took place in history. Hailed as the 6th and 9th Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, he was forced to abdicate his reign after being captured by the Mongols. He soon returned as the 8th emperor and ruled until his death. I wonder how close his life story will be to the drama itself? 
ming dynasty tang wei
We’ve already seen many glimpses of the things that a mother is willing to do for her son as movingly portrayed by lead actress Tang Wei opposite a young Qizhen and it’ll be interesting to see the new dynamics with an adult Qizhen. 
Speaking of their relationship, Tang Wei and Zhang Yixing who play mother and son have some similarities in their personal lives. Curious as to what they are? Well, they happen to have the same birth month, same birthday (October 7), and even though they weren’t born in the same year, they fall under the same Chinese zodiac sign, the year of the goat! Wow, talk about a nice coincidence.

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