Why Zhou Dongyu Wore a Face Mask and Jackson Yee Arrived Late at an Awards Show

zhou dongyu jackson yee
What’s an award show without some little mishaps, right? 

It seems like both stars of the movie Better Days had something they had to deal with at the Tencent Entertainment White Paper Ceremony 腾讯娱乐白皮盛典 held on January 7 and no, it wasn’t about the awards. 
The female lead, Zhou Dongyu, was hailed ‘Film Actress of the Year’ because of her amazing performance in Better Days. Yet, instead of seeing the actress’s beautiful face, those present were only able to see her eyes because she was wearing a face mask and a fisherman’s hat.
A couple of days ago, Zhou Dongyu had taken to Weibo to talk about her swelling cheeks as she wrote, “It’s been five days since my wisdom teeth was removed, has anyone’s face swollen like this (tears) (tears) (tears), appearing like this, can people still recognize me?” Looks like she decided to go all covered up though I wish she wore a more stylish outfit to make up for it instead of her all-denim get up.
Meanwhile, her co-star, Jackson Yee, also made a bit of buzz after being fashionably late. When his name was called to receive the ‘Film Actor of the Year’ award for his performance in Better Days, he wasn’t there to receive it as the host, Zhang Dada, revealed that he was still on the road. His tardiness had a good reason behind it, though, because the young actor had an exam. Remember last year when he missed out on the red carpet because of his class? It’s kinda cool if you ask me. Education comes first. 
Jackson Yee eventually made it on stage to receive all three of his awards that night, that include ‘Reputable Variety Artist of the Year’ and ‘Most Commercially Valuable Artist of the Year’. Congratulations to both of them and to all the winners! 
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