Wang Kai Wins Case Over Fake Video, Extortionist Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

wang kai
Wang Kai who has been subjected to malicious rumors in the past years over alleged indecent videos of the actor that have spread around the internet has won a case that proves the video to be fake. 

wang kai wins extortion case
On January 2, Beijing Zhongchan Law Firm released a statement on behalf of Wang Kai’s manager, surnamed Chen, who filed a criminal case against the defendant, surnamed Li. Li was accused of trying to extort 10,000,000 RMB after reaching out to Chen with the indecent video and claiming Wang Kai to be the man in the video. Chen filed a report with the police which led to Li’s capture on November 4, 2018. After reaching a guilty verdict, the court sentenced Li to five years in prison and a penalty of 50,000 RMB. The results of the investigation also confirm that the person in the video is not Wang Kai. 
wang kai
Another statement was issued against those that have spread false rumors to defame the actor. Some individuals that were specifically mentioned wrote comments like, “not sure if it’s him, but I think it’s him.” These individuals were urged to stop spreading the fake rumors and issue apologies. Otherwise, the actor reserves the right to take legal action against them. 
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