The Great Ruler (2020)

the great lord
Ouyang Nana may have disabused us of dating rumours with TF Boys’ Roy Wang in real life, but on screen at least, the two Berklee College of Music students get to play a couple in their collaboration for the series The Great Ruler 大主宰. The drama adaptation of author Tianchantudou’s novel of the same name, the 48 episode series chronicles a young boy’s transformation from an ordinary boy into a hero who rids the world of evil, and the life changing relationships he makes in his quest for immortality. 

Young Mu Chen was born in the Mu region, one of the nine realms of the spirit realm. When he was a young boy, his mother was forced to abandon him, leaving our soon to be hero to grow up with only one parent to guide him – his father who’s also the Mu chief. Mu Chen made an oath to find his mother one day. Because of his natural talents, Mu Chen was given the chance to undergo training for competition where by chance he saves the life of Luo Li whilst out training.
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But to be able to save his mother, it is not enough. Mu Chen must apply himself to become stronger. And to do so, he must leave his home in search of the “immortal drawings” which can help him enhance his abilities. Thus begins our hero’s journey and his fight to rid the world of evil and protect his loved ones.
Roy Wang Yuan stars as Mu Chen opposite Ouyang Nana as his love interest Luo Li. Not gonna lie, for a minute there I was legit wondering if there could be any display of musical ability from the pair. But heh wishful thinking. Anyway I think this drama might be Roy and Nana’s very first opportunity to dip their feet into the xianxia drama genre as lead actors.

The Great Ruler will also feature Luo Mingjie as Liu Mubai, Ma Yue as Jiu You, Xu Hao as Tan Qingshan, Wang Yiting as Tangqian’er, Sun Sumengxi as Wen Qinxuan, Li Shuting as Ye Sun’er, Zhang Chenghang as Li Xuantong and Zhang Yaqi as Chen Cangsheng.

Release Date: January 30, 2020 iQIYI (two episodes every Thursday to Saturday at 8pm, 6 episodes are released for VIP members upon premiere)

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