TFBoys’ Karry Wang Denies Numerous Dating Rumors and Threatens to Sue

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When you’re young, good-looking, and under the spotlight, it’s expected to see your name floating around and hounded with dating rumors, such is the case for TFBOYS member Karry Wang Junkai

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The rumor mill had been working since last year after he was spotted at a KTV bar with Yang Zi. The two became close while filming Chinese Restaurant 3 which was shot in Paris, the city of love, so I guess that’s why there are malicious people who gave meaning to their new-found friendship. After their sighting, gossips about their alleged “jie-di” (older-woman-younger-man) romance was born because Yang Zi is 7 years older than Karry Wang who is only 20 years old. The actor’s camp quickly denied the false claims and probably thought that their statement would do it and everything will quiet down but oh boy, they couldn’t be more wrong. 
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We’re already starting a new decade but the same gossip AND more followed the young actor. Aside from claims that he’s dating an older celebrity and that both sides are preparing to announce it already, there are also rumors saying that he’s dating a female staff, while others claim that he’s not dating anyone from work because he’s dating his classmate. Ugh, Give the kid a rest! The actor once again decided that keeping quiet will not do the trick so his side addressed it. In a statement released by the actor’s studio on January 15, 2020, they said that the actor is not dating anyone and whatever news are circulating are all fake. Karry Wang is currently focused on his career and has no plans to date as of the moment. They asked for the public to stop spreading false rumors and delete whatever is posted online and warned that they reserve the right to sue. 
Welp, I hope the legal action would scare those netizens who do nothing but keep the rumor mill running in the showbiz industry. 
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