Safety First: Chinese Dramas Start to Halt Filming in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

Like a Flowing River 2
The Lunar New year should have been a joyous occasion but due to recent events, many cannot put on a festive face. Following the delayed premieres of Chinese New Year films, several dramas have also started to halt their filming activities. 

I’m sure that most of you are aware of the rapid increase of victims affected by the coronavirus. In China, the government has extended the Lunar holiday until February 2 so most people can stay at home. As the first order of response, many areas such as Zhejiang province where dramas are filming have been requesting for people to stop forming crowds. 
Like a Flowing River 2 starring Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian has been filming in Ningbo, which is situated in the northeast area of Zhejiang province. Yesterday, it became the first production to announce the suspension of filming activities followed by Thank You Doctor starring Yang Mi and Bai Yu. Today, Legend of Fei starring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo has also released a statement to announce the same. 
In similar statements, it was indicated that filming was halted to ensure the cast and crew’s safety. It was also indicated that the teams will stay put on location to rest. No clear dates have been set by any of the dramas as to when work will resume since it will depend on how the situation will unfold. Each gave their salutation and expressed their gratitudes to the medical personnel who are risking their lives in the front lines to fight the disease.
Statement from Like a Flowing River 2 dated Jan 26, 2020
Statement from Thank You Doctor dated Jan 26, 2020
Statement from Legend of Fei dated Jan 27, 2020
Dramas and films aren’t the only ones stopping their activities because even concerts are being cancelled since gathering a large crowd right now isn’t ideal. I’m sure we can expect more productions to follow suit. I hope that the epidemic will cease and the medical personnel will get some positive breakthroughs. For the meantime, please stay safe everyone! Update Jan 27: All filming in Hengdian World Studios and Xiangshan Global Studios in Zhejiang have been halted. 


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