New BL Drama Adaptation Drops Posters Teasing Rumored Leads Luo Yunxi and Arthur Chen

If The Untamedwas a litmus test whether the market will respond positively to dramas of that genre, I guess the show’s unexpected success screamed out a resounding “yes!”. Production companies were quick to take notice and that includes The Untamed’s own producer Tencent who’s churning out another BL-esque offering in the hopes of replicating its success, this time with the drama adaptation of the popular novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun 二哈和他的白猫尊. The new series will be called Hao Yi Xing 皓衣.

Okay first of, mind that there hasn’t been any official announcement yet regarding the cast. But word on the street is that Leo Luo Yunxiand Arthur Chen Feiyu were both tapped to play the leads in the adaptation.  And also if you just zoom in super closely at the photo and squint just a bit, it looks like Leo and Arthur doesn’t it? Or am I just imagining things while getting cross eyed over here? *lol* 
But to be fair, if there’s anyone cut out for this role, I’d say that Leo has a running chance. His Runyu in Ashes of Love and his coldly rational Rong Qi in Princess Silver garnered him lots of attention and definitely stole hearts despite not being the main lead. Not to mention that he looks darned elegant in period outfits! Arthur Chen’s portrayal of Ning Que in Ever Night on the other hand put the then seventeen year old on the map despite viewer’s initial qualms about him being cast for his family connections (a rumour that the drama’s director already debunked). The actor only went on to give a buzz worthy performance as Ning Que. So yeah I think both actors will be able bring the story to life rather nicely and do the script proud. 
D’you see the resemblance between the new posters and the two actors’ previous roles? Such a clever way to create buzz from the show’s production team.
luo yunxi
arthur chen
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