Jiang Jinfu Files Lawsuit Against Ex Who Accused Him of Abuse

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Actor Jiang Jinfu’s career came to a halt after getting caught in a domestic abuse scandal in 2018, yet the same seems to have happened in 2019 when another one of his ex-girlfriends took to Instagram to accuse him of physical abuse. Jiang Jinfu denied the allegations this time and has now filed a lawsuit against his ex.

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Jiang Jinfu’s lawyers (刘玥律师) posted a notice of acceptance from the people’s court dated January 2, 2020. His lawyers indicated that the statements made by Julieta Benavides Techiera in late November 2019 has caused tremendous harm to Jiang Jinfu and his family. After collecting evidence, they have filed a formal complaint on behalf of Jiang Jinfu to counter the statements made by Julieta. It was further indicated that throughout the trial, Jiang Jinfu will no longer respond to false statements, rumors, malicious interpretations and attacks. 
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Meanwhile, Julieta took to social media once more to say, “the nerve he has to sue me.” She also revealed a text message that she claims was sent by Jiang Jinfu’s mother showing concern for Julieta after she left Changsha. Although there is no mention of abuse, parts of it wrote, “I feel as bad as you. Sorry, it’s because Fu Zai cares about you too much, so he may have gotten a bit jealous seeing your old photographs, that’s his fault, he is also in pain.”
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